Camp Knickerbocker Reunion a Big Hit

By Neal Verge, retired Camp Director

The Boothbay Region YMCA and Camp Knickerbocker sponsored the first ever Camp Knickerbocker Staff Reunion on July 1. With beautiful weather, great food and excellent entertainment, we all had a wonderful day.

It was fun seeing old friends and their families, as well as meeting some of the newer staff members. Conversations, swimming and the Baldwin Center were the big hits.

Jacoline Van Der Plas and Jolanda van Hulst-Spierenburg came the longest distance as they traveled from The Netherlands.

A big thank you goes out to Executive Director Andy Hamblett and present Camp Director Emily Mirabile for being our hosts; Lisa Van Dyk and Sarah Baldwin for all their work over the past two years — without them, this event would not have happened; Kim Burnham for her dedicated committee work, and other committee members Dave Daigle, Ed Crocker and Dawn Murphy; Alan Baldwin for putting together the entertainment; Dave Gagne and his wife who kept us entertained with their wonderful voices; Cod’s Head Fish House and BBQ for the tremendous food for this event; Rosita Mooney who made sure the facility was ready; the Y staff lifeguards; the Baldwin Center staff; and clean-up staff. And finally, thank you to all our camp staff present and past for your dedicated service to the campers who come to Camp Knickerbocker looking for a safe, loving and fun place for the summer. You should be proud of the lessons taught to them and those you learned yourselves.

If you were late and didn’t get in the accompanying staff photo, or you were unable to attend, don’t worry; there is still time to attend our next reunion. We look forward to seeing you there!