Abdel is our camp medical staff this summer, serving as a Maine Certified EMT! Abdel is a student at Colby College and is excited to spend his first season at Camp K!


Hi, I'm Adam and I grew up coming to Boothbay for vacations and couldn’t be happier to finally now call it home. I've worked this winter at Fit Kids for the Y and very much enjoy playing around and watching the kids have as much fun as they can. I love everything sports related and my favorite hobbies are golfing, surfing, skateboarding and just hanging out with my dog, Moon!  

ASA- Second Year

Asa is back for another summer! Coming back from 2022, Asa will be with our navigator campers and some specialty camps. Asa is a certified lifeguard and will be helping keeping our campers safe at the waterfront when his group is scheduled. He's also on the Lincoln Academy swim team during the school year. We're excited to have Asa back at Camp K for another fun and safe summer!


My name is Annel and I graduated with a degree in Educational Psychology. I live in Dominican Republic, and I'm excited to come to Camp K this summer! In my free time I like to go to the park, to to the Cinema with my friends, listen music, and be with my family. I I like to embroider, paint, craft, plants, and cooking.


Hi everyone! My name is Bogi and I'm from Hungary. At the moment I'm studying finance and accountancy. I joined the Camp K team because I'm super excited to meet new friends and cultures and I've also never been to the USA before, so it is a new experience for me. In my free time I like playing board games with my siblings (I have 3 of them) and hanging out with my friends. I can't wait to come back!


I'm Catalina, and I've worked with children of all ages many times before and developed the resources to solve their problems, satisfy their needs and keep them entertained. I love sports including soccer, field hockey, volleyball, handball, softball, gymnastics, and skating. I am an extroverted, outgoing, creative and active person, with extensive experience, vibrant personality, and diverse skills, who can adapt into any situation and always find a way to solve problems and make others feel comfortable and safe. I'm enthusiastic and positive, looking forward to getting along with both campers and colleagues, motivating and inspiring others to make a joyful and fun camp atmosphere.



Join Connor at Camp K for his fourth summer! Connor will be a lead staff person for specialty camps ranging from painting & drawing to gardening, outdoor cooking to crafting, and animation themes to create & build (with some time in explorers, too). Connor starts and ends his day at the CLC YMCA  to help with getting campers from Damariscotta to Camp K each week!


Hey guys! My name is Daniel Silva, I'm from Brazil SP! Summer of 2024 will be my third year on the Camp K team. I'm super excited to get back to activities, meet new campers, and hang out with returning campers! My passion is photography, so I'm very excited to bring that into the specialty camps this year!


I'm going into my Junior year at Lincoln Academy.  I enjoy playing baseball, hanging out with my friends and playing video games. I had a lot of fun as a camper at Camp K when I was young.  I'm excited to come back as a counselor!


Faith worked he last three seasons with Rudi running Adventure Camps. She was a camper when she was a child and worked at a Girl Scout Camp in MA until they closed due to COVID-19. Camp K is special to Faith because of the friendships, the campers, and being part of the Boothbay Community.


Hello! I am Helena and I'm from Spain! 19 year old. I love the idea of spending time outdoors, working with children and young people, and learning more about American Culture. I'm in my last year of High school and have always enjoyed learning new things. I know that camp will provide me with a unique opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally. I am also excited about making new friends and experiencing life in the United States. I love rhythmic gymnastics as well as swimming, dance hall and contemporary dance.


My name is Irmalyn, but you can call me Irma. We moved to Boothbay 33 years ago and have enjoyed raising our family here. Gardening is my favorite pastime. I left retirement when I was offered the opportunity to work with YMCA's Fit Kids this past March. I really enjoy working with both the kids and staff, and  was happy to be invited to join the Camp K Staff.


I'm Izzy, and excited for my second consecutive year of camp this Summer 2024. When I'm not studying psychology, I am outdoors, reading, learning to play the drums and speak Swahili, in preparation for my post-graduation years working with children in Kenya. My time is best spent outside with children and animals, making camp incredibly fun for me.



Joseph has lived in Lincoln County since he was 3 and enjoys sailing, hiking, and hanging out with friends. He has a deep understanding of many of the communities in this area and beyond. With this comes the understanding of many different difficulties and being very empathetic, and he's always free for people to come to for help.


Hi! I'm Jorge and I'm a marine biologist! I love animals and nature, hiking in the mountains, and doing other sports like football (soccer) and triathlons. In my free time, I like to travel, meet new people, and explore other cultures. I'm also passionate about reading. I can't wait to arrive to Camp K to meet everyone! 


Hi! I'm Julia, and I'm coming back to Camp K for my second summer from Hungary! I love to meet new people and travel to different places. I love taking on challenges and traveling! Meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds and being away from my friends and family for such a long time is definitely something that I see as an exciting challenge. I grew up with both of my parents and 2 older sisters. I've had a great childhood and I'm very grateful for a loving family. My interests include going to the gym, cooking, doing yoga, mindfulness, creativity (such as make-up and fashion), enjoying movies, series, music and also watching sports.


Hi! My name is Julian! I was born in North London and now currently live in Brighton for university. I have two siblings, my older brother Kristian who is currently in London finishing his acting degree and my older sister Josephine who is living in Sweden and has just completed a masters there. My mum is half Swedish, half British and my dad is from Tamil Malaysian. A few hobbies I enjoy is making music, playing football, acting and recently I have started getting into cooking. I'm excited to spend the summer at Camp K getting to know the campers and other staff!


My name is Kaan and I am excited to come to Camp K this summer! I'm from Turkey, and I love to work with children and have a positive impact on their lives! Additionally, traveling and exploring new places is a passion of mine and I am excited about the opportunity to combine these two interests through this program. See you in June!


Hi, I'm Kay! I'm from Jefferson, ME and am currently attending Thomas College in Waterville for Forensic Psychology. I'm coming back to Camp K for my fourth summer to do my best to make all the campers feel welcome and have fun!


Kimisha is coming back from Jamaica to take charge of the crafts cabin! Kimisha is a master crafter and loves spending time creating things! Come back to hang out with Kimisha; she'll be around to support and keep our campers safe this summer!


Hello! I am Marcela and I am from Campeche, Mexico. This is my third time being a camp counselor in a summer camp. I was a Spanish teacher in Mexico, I worked with kids from 6 years old to teenagers. I really enjoy try and cook new recipes, learning languages, exploring new places, hiking, and getting out of the routine is something that I like to do for self-learning. I am excited for another camp adventure!


Maria is coming back for her third year at Camp K all the way from Brazil! Working with the specialty camp programs, Maria will be sure to actively encourage and engage with campers for all sports camp, low ropes camp, and more! 


I’m from New Hampshire and Boothbay Harbor, Maine. I’m joining Camp K because I love camp! Fun Fact: I retired in September 2022 after 40 years of working in a hospital setting. I’m excited to meet and work with this international staff to help campers fund their strengths, grow and have fun! 


My name is Mary and I'm coming to Camp K from Colombia! I consider myself a goal-oriented person who loves adventure and experiencing new things! I know that I have an extraordinary opportunity for personal and professional growth, which will leave me with many wonderful experiences to apply in my life. I have very good experience taking care of children and interpersonal relationships are very easy for me as I am very disciplined and adjust easily to changes. I think that the world is too big and we should not waste the opportunity to get to know new cultures, places and ways of seeing life!


Michaela is a rising junior at Lincoln Academy. She enjoys music, kayaking, swimming, and art. She was a Y camper as a child and is excited for her second year as a counselor!


My name is Tímea, but I usually go by Mimi. I'm a 22-year-old university student from Hungary. As I'm studying to become a teacher, I really enjoy working with kids and helping them learn new things! That being said, I'm very excited for the summer!


Hi, I'm Nase! I’m from the Boothbay Region area. I am working at Camp K this summer because I love working with kids and making sure they will have fun while being safe. This is my third season with Camp K, and I'm excited to be returning!


I’m Neptune, I’m an incoming junior at Lincoln Academy, where I throw and sprint on the Track and Field team, sing in choir, and play flute and am currently learning bass in both concert and jazz band. I love reading, listening to music, and baking! I’m so excited to meet everyone and have a fantastic summer!


Hi! My name is Onnastasia but I like to go by Onna. I am super excited to be working for Camp K!! I work at the Boothbay Y during the school year at the after-school program and the front desk. I enjoy gardening and baking and will be bringing a foraging program to Camp K this summer!


Hi everyone my name is Pris and I'm from Ecuador! I'm very excited to be part of Camp K-- it's my second time and I'm very excited! My goal is to learn, have fun and share lots of nice moments with everyone. I love kpop, dancing, meeting new people, seeing new places, and I love the beach. For me, this summer will be an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!


Hello everyone, my name is Henrique and I'm from Brazil! I'm coming to Camp K for the second time! I love sports and anything that involves music. I am very excited to have this experience and will be working on the waterfront again this summer. 


I'm Sarah and I'm from New Zealand! I am an outgoing and enthusiastic person who is willing to do anything asked. I'm very open to new ideas and I am able to make good connection with other people. I'm a very hard and determined worker who will help others around if needed. I find that teaching through encouragement is the best option and I'm always down for a laugh with the kids and staff. I'm very excited to make my way around the world to Maine to work at Camp K this summer!


Sarah is a recent college graduate and just made the move from Central Maine to the Damariscotta area. She loves being outdoors, making art, and creating a welcoming environment at the camps she's worked for previously. She is looking forward to her second summer with Camp K!


Stacey is joining the Camp K team, travelling from Jamaica! Her hobbies include reading, dancing, watching animal documentaries, and being out in nature. She is coming to Camp K this summer for the experience, a change in environment, and to learn about other people's cultures. She will be working with our 9/10 year old campers as well as some specialty camps and is super excited to arrive in June! 


Sydney is a graduate in Rye, NY, but she has spent her summers in Boothbay Harbor for as long as she can remember. She loves hiking, swimming, sailing, birdwatching, and all things in nature. On the weekends, she works at her local YMCA as a lifeguard. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, reading, writing, and playing video games. She is so excited to be a camp counselor this summer and can’t wait to meet all of the campers!

YURI- Waterfront Director (THIRD YEAR)

Hi folks! I’m Yuri, are you ready to have the best summer ever? I’m coming back to Camp K for my third summer, from Brazil. I will be your Waterfront Director, keeping you safe and having fun! I'm more than happy to be joining y'all again-- can't wait to see you!


Zada returns for another fun summer at Camp K! Loving Camp K and the campers as much as she did, Zada also works for the Y’s after-school program during the school-year. She will be returning for the 2024 summer season, and we are so excited about it!