Conditions of Membership

  • Presentation of your membership card is required when using the facilities.
  • Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Membership privileges and cards are not transferable.
  • Membership dues and program fees are subject to change.
  • The YMCA reserves the right to revoke any membership.
  • Smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, and weapons of any kind are not allowed in the facility.
  • We work hard to offer a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience for our members. Please assist us by showing common courtesy. Please be respectful of others and of YMCA property, do not use profanity or engage in unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior.

On the Move

Don’t be left out of the loop! Keep the Member Services team informed of any changes of name, phone, address, e-mail, or emergency contact. 

Photo Release Policy

All YMCA promotional materials use photographs taken during actual programs. If you wish that your photo not be used, you must give a written request to the program director.

Termination of Monthly Bank or Credit Card Membership Payment

If you pay monthly through bank draft or credit card, your membership is continuous until you submit a written termination notice. To stop the deductions, stop by the Membership Desk to fill out a termination form or write a letter with your request (you must provide a minimum of 30 business days’ advance notice). 

Unauthorized Use of Facilities

Unauthorized use of YMCA facilities is not in keeping with the purpose and the spirit of the YMCA, nor is it financially fair. Persons who abuse membership privileges, or assist others to abuse membership privileges, may have privileges revoked or suspended.

Youth Members

All Youth Members are welcome to use the YMCA facilities during supervised programs OR when they are under direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian or designated adult. Certain areas of the facility have specific age requirements to participate which must be recognized.

Youth Members 5th grade and under must be with a parent/guardian/designated adult at any time that they are not involved in a supervised program with YMCA staff or volunteers. 6th graders are able to attend open gym and open swim without a parent/guardian/designated adult during specific open swim and gym times only. 

Program Refunds

If you need to cancel participation in a program due to personal reasons, we ask that you cancel before the session begins, as another member may be waiting for an opening. You will receive a full refund of your class fee if you cancel prior to attending the 2nd class. Refunds will not be available after the second class, unless there is a medical reason that is supported with a doctor’s note. If a doctor's note is provided, a prorated refund will be made. Refunds for emergencies must be submitted through the Y Business Office.

Privacy Policy

Aquatic Center Guidelines & Swim Tests