Swim Lessons


At the Y, we believe that everyone should know how to swim. Our swim lessons are designed to teach this lifelong skill to children of all skill levels in a safe environment, allowing them to develop confidence around water, learn water safety skills and stroke technique. Parent/child classes are available for our youngest swimmers who are not yet ready to swim alone.

Summer swim sessions will run June 26-June 30 & July 10-August 25.

Lessons include 30 minutes in the group lesson format with 10 minute instructional free time. Summer swim lessons run on a weekly schedule, with lessons every day, Monday - Friday, for the week the child is registered. Minimum 3, maximum 6 children for each class; registration deadline is the Friday prior by 2pm.

Pike & Eel: Ages 3-5 Years

Monday - Friday


Therapy Pool

Pike is the introductory level for new swimmers to learn basic paddle stroke and kicking skills, pool safety and comfort holding their faces in the water while blowing bubbles and swimming. Eel is the advanced beginner level.

Family Members: $55 • Members: $65 • Non-Members: $90

Ray & Starfish: Ages 3-5 Years



Therapy Pool

Ray swimmers will improve basic stroke skills such as rotary breathing, paddling on the front, back and side. Starfish is the level for the advanced preschool swimmer.

Family Members $55 • Members $65 • Non Members $90

Polliwog & Guppy: Ages 6-12 years



Emery Pool

Polliwog is the beginning level for school aged children; children are taught to flutter kick, kneeling dives, floating, treading and progressive paddle stroke. Guppy swimmers will improve stroke skills such as rotary breathing and paddling.

Family Members: $55 • Members: $65 • Non-Members: $90

Minnow, Fish & Flying Fish: Ages 6-12 years



Emery Pool

For the advanced school aged swimmer. Skills include freestyle with rotary breathing, backstroke, introduction of breaststroke and butterfly. Successful completion of this level is to swim the length of the pool and back without assistance.

Family Members: $55 • Members: $65 • Non-Members: $90


Times based on availability.
Private swim lessons are now available for youth & adults! Contact Dan Parrott, Aquatics Specialist, to learn about availability and pricing for private swim lessons.


Dan Parrott
Aquatics Specialist

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