Winter I Session: January 2 - February 16
Registration opens December 17.

With leadership from coach Lindsay McLaughlin, we provide progressive gymnastics programming for our community’s youth. Gymnastics can be enjoyed by children of all ages and is a wonderful tool for developing both physical and cognitive life skills. 


Lindsay McLaughlin

Joe Clark


Itty Bitty Gymnastics

Fridays, 3 - 3:45pm OR 5:15-6pm

Ages 2-5 Years


Children ages 2-5 years will be introduced to varied equipment in a structured environment. Children ages 2-3 require parent participation. Children 4-5 do not require parent involvement but it is encouraged.

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Beginner Gymnastics

Fridays, 4-5pm

Ages 5-8 Years


This class will focus on orienting the student with the equipment and balancing their comfort level with each event the class visits. Participants will begin to develop body awareness along with fundamentals and foundation skills.

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Fridays, 6:15-7:15pm

Ages 9-12 Years


Tumbling classes are based on a progression learning system, emphasizing safety and success while having fun. Participants will be guided through step-by-step skill progressions and specific drills/exercises.

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