Who We Are

Fit Kids is the Boothbay Region YMCA’s afterschool program, designed to support working families while fostering each child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development through experiences which focus on achievement, relationships and belonging. Fit Kids serves children in Kindergarten through 5th grade in the Boothbay Region (Boothbay Region Elementary School, Southport Central School, Edgecomb Eddy Elementary School).

What We Do

We provide a healthy, stimulating and safe environment at the Boothbay Region YMCA's Camp Knickerbocker. Our program allows for optimal outdoor space & activities for our students to participate in. Activities we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Fort Building
  • Playground Time
  • Utilizing our equipment at the sports field & basketball court
  • Fishing & ice fishing
  • Hiking & nature exploration
  • Building fires (and cooking yummy snacks!)
  • Building snow people (and mermaids!)
  • STEAM curriculum
  • Arts & crafts
  • Swimming
  • Organized games & activities

When safe and we have time, we take field trips to local land trusts to go on a more extensive hike and get a change of scenery. 

Meet The Staff

Lindsey Senecal: Program Director;

On her 6th season, Lindsey has been working with Fit Kids since she began her career at the Y. With a background in childcare and biology, Lindsey is a great person to have on the team as a leader. She spends her summers at Camp Knickerbocker serving as the Assistant Camp Director. She also has been known to lead specialty camps such as Arts & Crafts & Sewing. She's great with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) activities and has some fun new things planned for us this school year. Her favorite color is green and she enjoys pull & peel twizzlers!

Erin Gray: Senior Program Director;

Erin serves as the Boothbay Region YMCA's Senior Program Director. Erin has extensive experience working with children and their families, as she was a summer camp counselor for Camp Pondicherry for 5 summers throughout college and her early twenties. Starting as a lifeguard and swim lesson instructor, Erin climbed the administrative ladder and ended her time with the Girl Scouts of Maine as a Program Director. Erin's favorite part about working with children is problem-solving and communicating with families. On the administrative side, she enjoys developing staff and teaching American Red Cross courses. Erin's favorite color is gray and she loves twizzlers! 

Meagan: Support Staff

You can find Meagan playing a game or braiding someone's hair on any given day. She's super fun, energetic, thoughtful, and kind. Meagan will also be coaching the soccer team for the Middle and High School students this year. At Camp K, she has served as our lead instructor for sports & archery (2022) and part of the adventure camp team (2023). Meagan's favorite color is yellow and enjoys Swedish Fish!

Zada: Support Staff

Zada is super creative and is a great person to lead art activities. At Camp K in 2021 summer, she co-piloted a new gardening program for the last 6 weeks of the season. With activities such as eco-spheres, seed bombs, pantyhose chia pets, self-watering plants, and more, Zada will help bring that program into the Fit Kids world, too. She continues to be a leader for Camp K's specialty camps in the summer months. Zada's favorite color is pink, and she loves Redbull drinks!

Adam: Support Staff

Adam moved to Maine the summer of 2022! He grew up coming to Boothbay for vacations and couldn’t be happier to finally now call it home. He started his career at the Y at Fit Kids the winter of 2023  and very much enjoys playing around and watching the kids have as much fun as they can. He loves everything sports related and his favorite hobbies are golfing, surfing, skateboarding and just hanging out with my dog! Adam's favorite color is turquoise and enjoys Milky Way candy bars!

Irma: Support Staff

Irma found Fit Kids by working out in the pool with Erin! Irma was exploring part-time work opportunities at the Y and thought that Fit Kids sounded like fun-- which it is! She is very crafty, mindful, patient and creative with her activities. She loves to garden, make candles, and play games with the students. During the summer, Irma comes to Camp K as a float staff to work with all sorts of groups to give the daytime staff a break throughout the day. Irma's favorite color is black and loves to snack on cheese & crackers!

Onna: Support Staff

Onna began her relationship with the Boothbay Y at Camp K during the 2023 summer season. She brings lots of energy, creativity and enthusiasm to the program. She enjoys activities such as playing board games, crocheting, homesteading, and discovering new hobbies. With this passion, she likes to teach our students and campers these skills, which they love! Onna is kind, patient, fair, and a wonderful communicator. Their favorite color is green & gray and enjoys strawberry fruit gummies for a snack!

Healthy Snacks

Each day we serve a healthy snack to our students. Bringing additional snacks for your hungry students is encouraged, but we do offer something for them to munch on after-school as well as full days. 

Additional Resources

Download "Know. See. Respond" to learn about red flag behaviors.

Maine Childcare Subsidy Program: Click here to view if you are eligible; click here for application.

Vacation Camp

We also provide full day care on school vacations and in-service days. There will be a minimum & a maximum number of students required for us to run vacation camp, so please register early.


Lindsey Senecal
Program Director
207-633-2855 ext. 250

Erin Gray
Senior Program Director
207-633-2855 ext. 255