Monthly Rates: 

  • Family                 $64
  • Senior Couple      $56 (65+)
  • Senior                 $44 (65+)
  • Adult                   $49 (26-64)
  • Young Adult         $29 (18-25)
  • Youth                  $18 


  • Activation Fee           $50


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Full Service Billing Notification

Effective October 2021 in conjunction with internal efforts, the YMCA will be introducing a new automated service to help manage payment returns. In addition to automated draft resubmissions, you may receive messages to update your account information on our behalf from Daxko Full Service Billing. 

As part of this automated service, a $30 return fee will be added for payments that decline/return for insufficient funds. Two additional attempts will be made automatically to recover the original balance and the $30 return fee. No additional return fees will be added by the Y to your account for additional returns on the same item. 

As we cannot guarantee the ability to affect a time-sensitive adjustment to your reoccurring draft date to avoid a return payment, please anticipate the reoccurring payment for your Y services on the originally agreed upon scheduled payment date. 

Day Passes 

Your day pass provides you full access to our facility, including group exercise and water classes that are free for members. 

Rates for Day Passes:

  • Family                 $20
  • Senior Couple      $15
  • Senior                 $8
  • Adult                   $10
  • Youth                  $5

Cottage Memberships

A Cottage Membership allows up to 6 individuals staying at your cottage – family, friends, renters – to use the YMCA. It also qualifies you for the Member Rate when signing up for YMCA programs, including Camp Knickerbocker.

3 Months: $500
6 Months: $700

Cottage Memberships are available from April 1st - August 31st.


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