If you have a skill (or just some time on your hands), the YMCA can probably help you use it for good. The Y works with four broad classes of volunteers:

Program volunteers - This group is the largest. It consists of the people who directly help the YMCA carry out its programming. They include workshop leaders, mentors, group facilitators, athletic coaches and referees, lifeguards, and maintenance workers.  To start your volunteer journey today, contact Lisa McIntosh at

Fundraising volunteers - As a non-profit, the YMCA relies on donations, so it needs plenty of fundraisers and grant writers. Development volunteers may be enlisted for stuffing envelopes or helping coordinate fundraising events. Those with extensive experience in writing or development may be interested in helping the organization apply for grants or set development strategies. To start your volunteer journey today, contact Allyson Goodwin at

Policy volunteers - This group includes board members and committee members (all must enter a longer-term relationship with the organization governed by its bylaws). A policy volunteer not only gives time and effort to the organization but also helps guide its direction and determine its programming and priorities. To start your volunteer journey today, contact Andy Hamblett at